Beige berber carpet

Whatever the dominant colors in your decoration, the beige Berber carpet will be very easy to combine in your interior!

What are beige Berber rugs?

Coming from 100% natural colors, beige Berber carpets are represented by their yellowish appearance, accompanied by patterns or other representations.
Several shades of beige exist: light, dark or even brown.
We generally distinguish the beige color on Beni Ouarain rugs as well as Kilim rugs.
We do not find the beige shade on all Berber carpets, because each tribe has its own colors and graphics.
To find a beige Berber carpet, you will still be spoiled for choice on our online store of Moroccan rugs.
Find out now how to best use the beige Berber carpet as a decorative element.

The beige Berber carpet in your interior

Opting for a beige Berber carpet means preaching softness and simplicity. Unlike a colored Berber carpet, like red or blue, beige will suit Scandinavian-inspired interiors, a bit like a white carpet or even black and white.
With a beige Berber carpet, you will easily obtain an elegant and reassuring decoration in your interior.
The beige color is highly appreciated by interior decorators and architects. It has many qualities such as bringing a calm and relaxing atmosphere.
Your beige Berber carpet fits with everything. It will at the same time attenuate the bright and flashy colors, and accompany a Scandinavian spirit like brown and gray.
You will understand, beige adapts to all styles.

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Showing 1–18 of 112 results