Large berber rugs

The large Berber rug is an object of interior decoration capable of sublimating a living room on its own thanks to its large dimensions, colors and patterns.

What size for a large Berber rug?

The original Berber carpet is large if we stick to its history and its main use. Indeed, it served to cover the ground of tents and ephemeral dwellings of nomadic Berber tribes and to protect them from the cold. It was therefore necessary to weave large Berber carpets to successfully insulate the dwellings, especially in the regions of the Moroccan Atlas where the winters are relatively harsh because of the altitude. After the floor, it is also on the walls that some carpets were installed, and only the roof was not covered. Most of the rugs were 10m2 or more, often in 4 x 3, or 4 meters by 3 meters. Over time, the varieties of use, and the growing demand from individuals around the world, the dimensions have gradually changed and adapted to the different living rooms of Western homes. Today there is a wide variety of sizes, which is why we have chosen to segment our rugs into 2 categories to make your task easier. We therefore call a small Berber carpet any carpet whose length is less than or equal to 200cm or whose width is less than or equal to 100cm. Beyond that, these are the large Berber carpets that we have grouped in the category of the page where you are currently browsing.

Why choose a large Berber carpet?

With the variety of dimensions of a modern Berber carpet, it is difficult to know which size is best suited to its needs. Here are some tips to help you if you are still hesitant to choose a large Berber rug. Obviously, the size of the living room is essential when choosing the dimensions. So take a meter and calculate approximately the size of the place where you will place the carpet, it is often the best solution to buy the carpet at the right size! For a long hallway, a large living room, or a large bedroom, the large Berber carpet will be obvious, but it will still be necessary to specify its length and width and find the corresponding unique piece. Sometimes, in slightly smaller living rooms, a large carpet on the floor has an incredible effect and it would be better to think big to instantly give cachet and warmth to the room. After all, it’s decoration and everyone has their own tastes and colors. You can always find out how to position a carpet before you make your final choice! As an indication, some of our large Berber carpets are over 4 meters long and others over 2 meters wide, for a total of around 7 to 8 square meters! You will therefore have something to be inventive and will find your happiness for sure even to decorate a very large living room.

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Showing 1–18 of 313 results