Red berber carpets

The red Berber carpet is undoubtedly the carpet that will energize your living room the most!

What are the red Berber carpets?

First of all, the color of the fabric or wool of the Berber carpet is 100% natural. Not all types of Berber carpets have a red color scheme, for the simple reason that the color and graphics vary from one tribe to another, each time with a particular meaning. In the case of red, it can be found in unique pieces of red Berber carpets from different tribes, more or less rarely. The red azilal carpet, for example, is unusual, but if you look closely you can find a copy. The Boucherouite red carpet is more common, but it will never be monochrome given the variety of colors used for this type of carpet. To get as close as possible to the traditional red carpet, you will have to choose between a red kilim carpet or an ethnic red carpet from another tribe such as the Boujaad or the M’Guild. There are obviously many geometric shapes of lighter or darker color, but the dominance of red is much more pronounced than in the other cases.

The red Berber carpet in your interior

When you choose a red decorative object, you undoubtedly want to give pep to your decor! This timeless color indeed allows you to have a dynamic and lively interior, but be careful however to handle and combine it well. With a red Berber carpet, we advise for example to use gray or black for a luxurious decoration, blue for an English decoration, white or beige for a refined interior, or even green if you wish have a colorful and eccentric interior by playing on a complementary color! Marrying red with purple has also been very trendy for a few years, a purple sofa with a red Berber carpet is undoubtedly the most modern choice today although the use of a mixture of black and white is timeless.

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