Small berber rugs

The small Berber rug is an ideal decorative object for the floor and walls of small rooms in your house or apartment!

What size for a small Berber rug?

Are you looking for a small Berber carpet to decorate your interior?
LesLosanges will present the origins and functions of a small rug, and guide you in terms of decoration.
Unlike the large Berber carpet, Moroccan weavers made very few small models.
Small Berber rugs have appeared gradually, since the traditional Berber carpet has become a decorative object in its own right in terms of decoration in Western countries.
Indeed you will see that the use of a small carpet is declined in several ways.
You will find in our selection of small rugs, models less than two meters long and one meter wide.
Find out how to best choose your little Berber carpet to decorate your interior, and bring a comfort zone to your small spaces.

Choose a small Berber carpet for your interior

Now let’s move on to the decorative aspect of the little Berber carpet. Whether it is for a hallway, your bedroom, your office or at the foot of an armchair, it is easy to find a place for your small rug.
It will happen whatever happens to define a living space, and to bring the final touch to your interior.
A small Berber carpet placed in your living room, will certainly bring out your furniture. Indeed, nothing like a beautiful carpet located at the foot of the bed in a bedroom, without overloading your room.
The major advantage of using the small Berber rug is that it can be placed in several places in your home.
Its dimensions will be able to adapt to large rooms, as well as small spaces, provided that it is not insulated too much.

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Showing 1–18 of 218 results