Boucherouite Rug

Handmade Boucherouite or Boucharouette rugs.
Each rug is unique, hand woven in the Moroccan Atlas and ready to ship from Biarritz.
Treat yourself to an authentic butcher’s carpet of exceptional quality at the best price!

The history of the Boucherouite rug

The boucherouite carpet, also called boucharouette carpet, was born in the most modest households of the Moroccan rural Berber tribes, which earned this Moroccan carpet the nickname of carpet of the poor. Like most Berber carpets, it was designed to protect against the cold in this region with the changing climate of the Moroccan Middle Atlas. Except that in the poorest families, it was necessary to innovate to make up for the absence of cotton or wool which are used in particular for the manufacture of kilim rugs and the majority of rugs. This is how the Berber weavers began to create carpets by recovering textiles. The result is a soft, thick, and very comfortable carpet.

The origin of the name Boucherouite

The Boucherouite carpet is certainly the most original Berber carpet since it is, as its name suggests, hand woven with recycled fabrics. The Boucherouite carpet owes its name to the Arabic “bu sherwit sens”, which means “a torn piece of used clothing”. These pieces of torn fabrics of all kinds are assembled using an elaborate weaving technique that allows you to create any geometric shape giving free rein to your imagination. We can thus find diamonds, squares, triangles, or a multicolored mixture without predefined shape on each carpet according to the mood of the Berber weaver who designed it. But if the shapes vary, there is one thing that we find on all butcher rugs: color!

The Boucharouette carpet, the most colorful Berber carpet

Admittedly, the azilal carpet is also talked about for its colors, but the boucherouite carpet remains the master in the matter since the scraps of fabric which are used for its design are already colored, unlike the wool and cotton which are used also for weaving beni ouarain carpets for example, carpets known for their white wool. In the Boucharouette carpet, color is therefore inevitable due to the raw materials used for its design. The multicolored blend obtained, among other things, has earned the butcher carpet the nickname of table carpet.

From the poor man’s carpet to a real work of art

Each boucherouite carpet is a true artistic composition, and we measure its richness all the more taking into account the poverty of the material used and the absence of a model for its creation. In contrast to European tapestry methods according to which weavers work from a model, the boucherouite carpet is only the fruit of the imagination of the Berber weaver who designed it. It’s sort of a reflection of her life, her mood and her sensitivity. Each carpet is therefore a unique and incomparable piece whose weaving takes several days or even several weeks. As a result, the boucherouite carpet is sometimes compared to an artist’s painting, and we find it more and more hanging on the wall although its original place is on the floor. Moreover, some gallery owners do not hesitate to make them real exhibitions and have made their prices soar, so if you are looking for a butcher’s rug to hang it on the wall or to decorate the floor of a room in your house , consult our good plans throughout the year.

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