Type: RUGS azilal
Origin: High Atlas, Morocco
Material : Wool
year : 1980/1990
65×200 cm

The azilal carpet is a Berber carpet that represents a very strong family symbol, since it is designed for the family home and has a specific function for each room. The making of azilal carpets is nothing else than the reflection of a craft creativity of the weavers of the azilal region. These Moroccan women weave carpets according to the inspiration and the testimony of a personal history, which makes the rarity and the originality of the azilal carpets. The artistic expression of the women weavers is entirely transcribed on these carpets through the various reliefs and patterns that compose them. The carpets bring a real originality to the rooms in which they are placed and make your interior unique. Initially intended for family homes, the azilal carpet has become an element of design and contemporary decoration.