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Founded by two friends Reda and Stephan,Ieslosanges was born from a passion for berber history,design, and textiles, cultivated after years of travel in the Atlas mountain The result is beautiful, heirloom rugs made with a whole lot of passion and a whole lot of love.
Leslosanges brings handmade, designer rugs to a global market while maximizing community impact,empowering talented artisans and upholding the historic integrity of
the Moroccan weaving tradition.
We work directly with talented Moroccan weavers, collaborating to achieve both modern and traditional designs. We believe a business should be not-just-for-profit and transform the lives of the communities they work in. For us, that means upholding the artisanal values we hold near to our hearts women’s empowerment, prioritizing an ethical working environment, maintaining a responsible supply chain, and creating a space to preserve traditional weaving expressions.

Berber rugs from different berber tribes

Small, large, colorful or black and white, LESLOSANGES sells Berber carpets woven by hand in the pure tradition of women from the High and Middle Atlas.
Whatever your tastes when it comes to Moroccan rugs, you will inevitably find THE model that makes you dream at LESLOSANGES. The duo constantly explores the small Berber villages in search of rare, new or vintage pearls.
A wide choice of unique, exceptional pieces available on the online store or at Biarritz in a showroom of more than 300 m², where several tribes are represented. Find Azilal rugs, Beni Ouarain rugs, Boucherouite rugs, Kilim rugs, and many other luxury rugs from the M’rirt, Boujaad, M’Guild, or Talsint tribes to name a few.

Berber carpets of all colors

The weavers decide to represent specific colors and patterns on each of the rugs, and transcribe their emotions and life experiences. This is what makes the Berber carpet unique.
From the Atlas region of North Africa, Berber carpets are rugs with colorful patterns woven by hand, according to the traditional techniques of the ethnic peoples of Morocco.Berber carpet styles vary by tribe. Natural bright colors like purple, blue, red, yellow and orange come from berry plants like tea leaves, pomegranate or henna bush from the Moroccan Atlas. There is an element of dream and emotion when you look at a Berber carpet. The use of colors and the boldness of the patterns make this Moroccan rug a unique piece that we love to admire in its interior.This is why the choice of colors for a Berber carpet deserves careful consideration. To bring a natural glow to your interior in all sobriety, the white Berber carpet, the black and white Berber carpet and finally the beige Berber carpet will be perfect. Vary the nuances and add a touch of modernity thanks to the colored Berber carpet, to the red Berber carpet or even blue Berber carpet.

Carpets with dimensions adapted to your interior

Large or small, find a Berber carpet at the ideal size for your interior.
Berber carpets are woven from the 8th century by the Moroccan Berber peoples, originally intended for domestic use in remote regions of the High Atlas to protect themselves from the cold. The original dimensions of these first carpets were therefore very substantial, often greater than 4 meters long and 2 meters wide, to be able to cover as much of the surface of the temporary tents and accommodation of these nomadic peoples. If the large Berber carpet is the original model, the dimensions have adapted to various uses and the growing demand of countries around the world, giving birth to the small Berber carpet that can be found on some walls or in small pieces of the House. This development has not changed the traditional weaving technique of Berber women which has been passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years. Note that the Moroccan carpet is always made in a large size in majority. We also offer a wide range of Berber hallway rugs..