Beni Ouarain rug

The beni ouarain rug is the most renowned Berber carpet for its quality, design and history. Entirely handmade by the Aït Ouaraïn tribes , it consists of very dense natural wool which helps protect homes from winter temperatures in the Moroccan Middle Atlas. The Beni Ouarain rug owes its international renown to its sleek minimalist style and the comfort of its wool.

The Beni Ouarain tribe

It is to the Berber Beni Ouarain tribe that we owe the eponymous Berber carpet. This tribe formerly called Zenata has lived in the Moroccan Middle Atlas since the 10th century. It is still present around the Moroccan cities of Fez and Taza.

Semi nomadic , this tribe alternates between growing cereals in the fertile lands of the Low Atlas and moving with their cattle throughout the year. During their travels, life in tents and low temperatures leads them to use the wool of their sheep to make multi-purpose Moroccan rugs to protect themselves from the cold and humidity. It is also for its thick hairs and high quality white wool, among others, that the beni ouarain rug is world famous. These are usually large rugs, which were developed with great patience by the weavers in the community.

The history of the Beni Ouarain rug: the “king carpet” of Morocco

Elaborated for centuries by the tribe of the same name, the beni ouarain rugs have kept their origins and are the pride of Morocco since they still represent art today and the symbolic representations of yesteryear. We find on modern carpets the same knotting technique and the same geometric shapes that were present on carpets several centuries ago, making them true works of art recognized worldwide, like kilim carpet which still represents the weaving techniques of past centuries.

We are fortunate to offer you one of the largest choices of beni ouarain rugs by purchasing directly from Morocco, where this carpet is king. You will find different sizes, different colors, different densities of wool, different weights … However, we recommend using the beni ouarain carpet as the Berbers have done for centuries, namely in a large living room and in large dimensions, in 200×300 for example. This is how it takes on all its splendor. Indeed, the beni ouarain carpet was originally designed to cover the floor of large tents when traveling . Covering an area of ​​6 square meters or more, they were designed using an incredibly robust loom that can support up to 40 kilos . Perfect for decorating or dressing a room of large dimensions, their design will appeal to minimalists as to the biggest eccentrics.

Over time, the renown of beni ouarain carpets in the world has pushed weavers to adapt to European demand and to offer smaller carpet sizes and suitable for all pieces of the House. This rug now acts as a living room rug as a bedroom rug or Berber hallway rug and sublimates the house with its whiteness and its tribal side. You can find all of these authentic beni ouarain rugs here!

We regularly supply our online store with new Beni Ouarain carpets, handmade in Morocco and stored in our showroom in Biarritz to guarantee express delivery in 3 days anywhere in the world.

A carpet with a chic and minimalist design

The beni ouarain carpet will bring a natural shine to your living room thanks to the whiteness of its wool. It is the Moroccan carpet par excellence, the most classic. Its most traditional form is that of the black and white carpet , a marriage which will bring a touch of elegance in your interior and which will adapt perfectly whatever the style decoration already in place. But if beni ouarain carpets are known for their dense wool and for being carpets with a white background decorated with black or brown patterns, also found in natural plant-based colors like saffron yellow for example.

In terms of patterns, the diamond is clearly distinctive and identifiable on the beni ouarain carpet, unlike the azilal carpet and d ” other models on which it is sometimes complicated to identify the pattern or to distinguish it. Each motif is obviously specific to the conception of the world and to the history of the Berber tribe associated with the carpet. It is the geometric shapes, and in particular the rhombus, which bring the overall balance to the design of the blessed carpet thanks to their symmetry. They look like diamonds when tilted. The other shapes that can be found on these rugs are all geometric and refined, such as triangles, lines, squares, dots, abstract patterns or tribal designs …

Sometimes a point appears in the middle of the diamonds traced on the beni ouarain carpet, but if certain details accentuate their design side, they remain always sober and minimalist since they are all made in the same practical and decorative spirit . Note that the diamond symbolizes women and fertility in the Beni Ouarain tribe .

A wool rug of incomparable quality

It is in the heart of Marrakech, in the famous Medina, that we have long found Beni Ouarain carpets exposed to the souk. It is the traditional carpet of the region, made from 100% natural undyed sheep wool and most often marked with brown or black woolen tracings , often in the form of diamonds, as explained above. Top of the range, natural wool allows the making of the entire carpet, including patterns, thanks to the diversity of sheep colors. The result is a black and white Berber carpet or a beige Berber carpet or brown with very high quality dark patterns. Like the scraps of fabric for boucherouite rugs , wool is considered the soul of the beni ouarain carpet its exceptional quality, the wool is worked with great care by the weavers, from precise cutting to drying which can last several months or years, passing by the meticulous washing. The longer the wait before knotting, the more the wool is dense, comfortable and silky .

Each Beni Ouarain carpet is unique and belongs to the most prestigious category of Berber carpets in Morocco. handcrafted and natural wool explain why certain pieces can present traces or small imperfections which make all their charm. However, the beni ouarain is entirely handmade and it is not a carpet that must be replaced after only a year or two, it is designed to last over time . We take advantage of its softness, comfort and elegance on a daily basis and we end up getting attached to it. Choosing a beni ouarain carpet is choosing an extraordinary carpet that accompanies you for life with natural wool 3 cm thick or more from Morocco . This wool taken from the Atlas sheep is very delicate and thick, perfect for making a carpet that is both warm, comfortable and insulating . Besides, it is sometimes used as a bedding. You would be surprised to see the comfort obtained by stacking several of these rugs to fall asleep. With their dimensions, you could even sleep in groups!

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