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Beni Ouarain rug

The Beni Ouarain carpet is well known both for its quality, its design, and its history. Its international reputation comes from its minimalist style, and to the wonderful comfort of its wool.

The Les Losanges boutique offers a set of berber design rugs, handmade of sheep wool, definitely authentic, coming from a number of Moroccan tribes. Before purchasing your cheap Beni Ouarain carpet on our online site, you will find below its history.

The Beni Ouarain tribe story

This berber community comes from the Middle Atlas. As a reminder, the Middle Atlas is a mountain range in the Center of Morocco,  relatively sparsely populated. Its economy depends on sheep rearing (sheep and ram), and agriculture.

To protect themselves from the freezing cold on the Moroccan Atlas, the Beni Ouarain tribes (also called Aït Ouaraïn), living in traditional tents, had to find solutions against the cold. That is how the berber carpet was born, a warm carpet with multiple use. Indeed, originally, the Beni Ouarain carpet was not just a carpet. It was not only used to fight against the cold by isolating the tents from the ground, but also for sleeping purposes. As it was made of 100% natural sheep wool, the Beni Ouarain carpet is warm, but also very comfortable.

A woolen coming from the Marmouchas

The Marmoucha sheep is a very ancient breed, living in the Moroccan Atlas mountains. Very recognizable, this sheep is of small size, with no-or little horns, usually of white or ivory color, with a black or brown head. Each sheep will provide up to 3kg of wool.

Contrary to the Boucherouite carpet, the Beni Ouarain rug is a 100% pure sheep wool rug. The weaving is done by Berber women, according to an ancestral knowledge, the wool coming from the Marmoucha sheep, well known for having a thick, silky and high quality hair.

The composition of my carpet

The Moroccan Beni Ouarain carpet is composed of 100% natural Marmoucha wool. A naturally thick wool (long wool yarn), and silky (short wool yarn), that is much sought after.

The Berber weavers from the Beni Ouarain tribe, with their ancient know-how, weave the different sorts of black or white yarn, to offer an exceptional carpet, withholding very small flaws, proof that it is handmade.

Sometimes,  you will see the word “shaggy” describing some Berber rugs. It is not another tribe ! “Shaggy” in this instance just means that the carpet beholds fringes (it is also called a long-haired carpet), and that it is made from material like wool, coton or even acrylic. It is mainly a synonym for softness and fluffiness.

Les Losanges offers a wide range of different sizes and colored Berber carpets, with a free delivery, and cheap ! This really cheap price is due to our operating mode. We work directly with women from the Moroccan tribes, hence avoiding additional costs. Just go and have a look at our online catalog, or just come by and check out our stock of authentic Berber carpets in our Biarritz showroom.

Other characteristics

The Beni Ouarain authentic carpet is not just defined by its comfort and its patterns. It is also recognisable by its history and its great size. Indeed, to fight the cold in their Berber tents, the women would weave huge carpets that were used as mattresses and blankets (by folding the carpet over themselves) for the whole family. The carpets therefore had a rectangular shape, as they had to cover as much ground as possible, and had to fold on the people to keep warm.

Les Losanges will propose Moroccan carpets whether it be a Boujaad, a Boucherouit or a Beni Ouarain carpet, all sizes can be found, as the tribes have adapted to the current demand, and to the more general use that we have for carpets nowadays. So it won’t be a problem to find a carpet just the right size for your living room, dining room or your bedroom. The rugs coming from the Aït Ourain tribes are also recognisable for their geometrical patterns and their very modern style.

The patterns

The Beni Ouarain carpets (contrary to the Boucherouite rugs) is easily recognisable by its symbolic patterns, the one used the most frequently being the diamond shape. Actually it is precisely the diamond shape that makes the reputation of this carpet.

You will also find open diamond shapes, not surprisingly, as it represents fertility and maternity. Let us not forget that each carpet tells a story !

But the Berber carpet has evolved over time, that explains why you will find Beni Ouarain rugs with other geometrical patterns, like triangles, stars or square shapes, but also with abstract forms such as stripes, vertical or horizontal lines.

In Berber belief, each symbol represents something, and more than just a carpet, it is a charm against evil and a lucky charm for your house.

The colors associated to my carpet

The Beni Ouarain carpet is characterized by its ivory color (or white / beige), which comes from the Marmoucha sheep, and its geometrical black (or brown) drawings, the color coming this time from the sheep’s head. There are therefore 2 main colors for our Beni Ouarain carpet : white and black / brown.

But once again, the Berber tribes have adapted, and it is now possible to find Beni Ouarain rugs with a white background and other colors than black, such as : pink, yellow, blue, red, beige, and with or without fringes (shaggy).

It will therefore be very easy to find cushions that match your new Moroccan carpet, to transform your room in a work of art..

The decorative touch

The Beni Ouarain carpet is the most famous Berber carpet, since it has been around for the last sixty years in numerous decoration magazines. Thanks to its minimalist style, it will adapt perfectly to your interior, and will easily match your cushions, your tapestry and your furniture.

But it might just as well become the main piece in your chic bohemian style home, according to the size you will have chosen, and to its timeless design. It will therefore fit just as well in a modern or vintage decoration style.

The Beni Ouarain offers you a wide range of possibilities, up to you to play and mix things the way you wish..

The dimensions

Even if, at the beginning, the Beni Ouarain had a xxl size (in order to cover the whole ground of the Berber tent from Moroccan tribes of the Atlas mountains) to offer heat and comfort thanks to its long wool yarn (shaggy or not), we have seen that the weavers have known how to adapt.

Les Losanges will therefore offer cheap Moroccan carpets coming from fair trade, of all sorts of sizes, which will allow you to own a carpet with ideal measurements in your lounge, bedroom or corridor.

  • The Beni Ouarain rug size Xxl
  • The Beni Ouarain rug large size
  • The Beni Ouarain rug standard size
  • The Beni Ouarain rug for a corridor
  • The small Beni Ouarain rug

Where should I place my new carpet ?

The Beni Ouarain on white background, with its star patterns, its diamond shaped or abstract patterns, coming from Morocco, will adapt everywhere in your house or your flat, since it matches a vintage or modern style. It is known for being a luminous carpet.

So, whatever the colors of your carpet, white / brown / beige / blue or multicolored, it will definitely illuminate the room.

Whether in your lounge, where it will bring a soft and fluffy touch, a bedroom where it will bring a touch of authenticity and quality thanks to its minimalist patterns, your Berber carpet will find its place in your interior.

Your Beni Ouarain carpet will adapt to your home, with its abstract style and whatever the size. It will adapt to the room with style and cachet.

Why should you buy your Berber rug at Les Losanges ?

You can buy your Kilim, Boujaad or Beni Ouarain carpet on the online Les Losanges website, you can also make the purchase in their Biarritz showroom, where you will find a great variety of authentic, unique and ancient Moroccan carpets. You will also make a fair trade purchase.

Indeed, Les Losanges practice fair trade. The Moroccan weavers are paid directly for each purchase, and at a fair price. Thanks to our short circuit (that is, without middle men between the weavers and Les Losanges), you can enjoy an authentic and cheap Berber rug, and of true quality.

Wherever you are in the world, order promptly your unique and authentic Moroccan carpet on our online website, and receive it promptly thanks to our 72h delivery. Moreover, delivery is free, the cost of your carpet will not be impacted. Order promptly !!

The other tribes that might be of interest

You are welcome to check out our stock of handmade Moroccan carpets in our Biarritz showroom, or surf on our website, to discover the numerous Moroccan tribes coming from the Atlas, as well as their unique stories.

Set off to explore the Azilal tribe, from the Boucherouite tribe, or the Boujaad tribe.

Whatever your choice, with Les Losanges, stand assured to find a Berber carpet cheap, and of proper quality. It will most definitely adapt to your lounge, your dining room or your corridor. Indeed, Les Losanges can be proud of practicing fair trade, and pay the Moroccan weavers at a fair price.