Africans rug

Mauritanian mats are African rugs, woven by hand, made out of cane and leather. They are meant to last a lifetime !


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The Les Losanges shop offers a wide range of berber mats. But before choosing your cheat african mat, you will find below the story behind the mats.

What is an African mat ?

The Mauritanian mat was used at first by the Touaregs during their caravan routes. They were used as floor mats, bedding, and even partitions.

It is solely handmade by a tribe living in the western Sahara, more specifically by the women of that tribe, that retain the traditional Touareg knowhow. The Mauritanian mat is woven from cane and leather straps, it is therefore extremely resistant.

There are several patterns on a Mauritanian rug, such as diamond, half diamonds, crosses, straight lines… Each of these patterns represents a Touareg symbol, and each mat is unique, refined, and has a story to tell.

The patterns on your mat are made of straps of goat and camel leather, woven in a very complicated manner, that is why each Touareg mat is a true piece of art.

Where should I place my Touareg mat ?

Same as for all the other Moroccan carpets, such as the Boujadd, the Kilim or the Boucharouite carpets, the Mauritanien Touareg mat will easily adapt to your house.

With its simple but modern design, it will easily match the colors of your home, and whether your style is modern, bohemian, chic, or vintage, the rug will add just a little oriental touch.

100% natural, in your lounge, the Mauritanian rug will definitely bring a touch of authenticity. But you can also place it in your hall, where it will bring a comforting atmosphere. You can easily add a couple of colored linen cushions, wooden candle holders on your coffee table and some curtains, the whole atmosphere of your house will change !

The Mauritanian mat is available in several sizes, whatever the room you want to place it in, you will most definitely find the right mat for the right room.

How should I take care of my mat ?

Your new Mauritanian mat is very easy to clean, as you can just vacuum it. In case of a stain, a simple wipe with soap will do the trick.

If you want to wash it further, just ask a professional cleaner.

Why should I purchase my Mauritanian mat at Les Losanges ?

Purchase your Mauritanian mat (or Beni Ouarain, Kilim or Azilal carpets) on our online website, or indeed in their Biarritz showroom ! There, you are sure to find a great variety of carpets and African mats, authentic and unique. You will also hereby practice fair trade. Les Losanges guarantees a fair price for the weavers, but also a fair price for you. You will therefore purchase an authentic cheap carpet, handmade and of great quality.

So do not hesitate any more ! Choose your African mat, unique and authentic, from our online catalog, and just order. Benefit from our quick and free delivery (72h). Moreover, delivery is free, and the cost of your carpet will not be altered. Just order quickly !