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Azilal Rug

The Azilal carpet represents all the creativity and originality of Berber crafts. It will bring character and warmth to your interior.

Azilal, a Moroccan province with ancestral know-how

The Azilal carpet has its origins in the province of Azilal , mountainous region of the High Atlas in Morocco.
Unlike the Boucherouite carpet which takes its name from the torn fabrics used for its design, the Azilal carpet therefore takes its name from this eponymous region from Morocco. Indeed, before being a category of Berber carpets, Azilal is above all a Moroccan city located 160 km from Marrakech.
Known as “the valley of happy people”, the province of Azilal rises to more than 1300 meters above sea level.
This is why the women of the Berber tribe of Azilal began to weave and tie carpets to protect themselves from low temperatures in cold seasons.

The azilal carpet, a family symbol that has become a decorative object

The Azilal rug is a berber rug which represents a very strong family symbol , since it is designed for the family home and has a specific function for each room.

The making of Azilal rugs is none other than a reflection of handcrafted creativity by weavers of the Azilal region.
These Moroccan women weave the carpets according to the inspiration and the testimony of a personal history, which makes the rarity and the originality of the Azilal carpets.

The artistic expression of the women weavers is entirely transcribed on these rugs through the reliefs and varied patterns that compose them. The rugs thus bring real originality to the rooms in which they are placed and make your interior unique.
Originally intended for family homes, the Azilal rug has become a decorative element design and contemporary.

The specifics of the Azilal Berber carpet

Characterized by irregular patterns in bright colors, on a creamy white background, the Azilal carpet is made from virgin sheep wool , mixed with cotton.
Small difference compared to its cousin the Beni Ouarain rug, the Azilal rug is designed with shorter and less wool dense.
The many designs that adorn the carpet are often diamonds, but also geometric shapes of all kinds such as straight lines, squares or diamonds.
All of these shapes and designs depicted on Azilal rugs are often compared to abstract art. This is also the case with our other rugs such as kilim rugs for example.
In parallel, the work of weaving and knotting makes it possible to give more relief to the shapes represented.

The azilal rug in your interior

The Azilal rug is now an integral part of your interior.
Its graphic patterns, its shimmering colors and the aesthetic pleasure it provides make it a unique decorative object.
Thanks to their colors, their materials and their luminosities, Azilal rugs come to dress a room of life by bringing a modern and contemporary touch.
In a similar style, you will find our carpets also from tribes located in different provinces of the Moroccan Atlas.
Azilal rugs is a decorative object in its own right, which will find its place in your home and which can transform your living room as well as your bedroom or your corridor.
Measuring approximately two square meters, with an average weight of 2.7 kg, the Azilal rug can also be transformed into a full-fledged wall decoration.
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