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White Berbere Carpet

The white Berber carpet is a great classic and gives pride of place to the natural wool used for its confection.

The white wool berber carpet

Are you interested in a white Berber carpet? Discover our selection of 100% handmade rugs!
White is often the color represented on Beni Ouarain rugs, as well as on some models of Kilim rugs.
Indeed, the Beni Ouarain are mainly made up of black and white. We can especially observe a white base with black geometric patterns on the carpet.
The white wool Berber carpet comes from natural vegetable colors, like any traditional Moroccan carpet, and remains particularly sober in its general appearance.

The white Berber carpet as a decorative element

Made from natural sheep’s wool, the white Berber carpet will bring a real natural glow to your interior.
The sober and minimalist side of the carpet will suit any type of interior due to its lightness.
Ideal for dressing your living room, office or bedroom, the white wool Berber carpet remains the best alternative to give some light to your interior.
You will have the choice between a monochrome carpet of white color, or a model of white carpet carpet with some patterns specific to Berber clothing, such as diamonds for example. You can also choose a colored Berber carpet with blue, red or beige in particular to decorate your interior!