New or Vintage ?


Multicolor Rug

The Berber colored carpet exists in various forms and will bring a unique touch to your interior!

The Berber color carpet with multiple shades

The colorful Berber carpet is a carpet model highly appreciated by consumers and decorators today, even more than black and white.
Rainbow colors are found in Azilal rugs, but not only, since Boucherouite rugs also have the distinction of having many colors represented.
Indeed, these types of carpets are made from entirely natural colors. This mixture of colors brings a touch of modernity to the rugs, linked to the authenticity of the Berber carpet.
The colors most often represented remain white, black, red, blue, or even beige.
It remains to be seen now how to highlight these colorful Berber rugs in your interior.

The colorful Berber carpet in your interior

The multicolored Berber carpet is also a great classic among most Berber tribes.
The variety of colors that make up the rugs, will really enhance a living room or accompany a decorative spirit.
Whether it is intended to dress a living room, a bedroom or a corridor, the Berber colored carpet will bring a touch of sparkle and a certain nuance to your interior.
A carpet in several shades will appeal to interiors that are both chic and trendy.