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Moroccan rug

The Moroccan carpet is made by Berber women, from nomadic Altas tribes. Each tribe has its own weaving technique,its own symbols and colors.

The Les Losanges boutique presents an impressive collection of Berber carpets, all authentic, coming from several Moroccan tribes, based in the Atlas mountains. Before purchasing your Moroccan rug from our website, find below the story of Moroccan tribes and carpets.

The story of Moroccan carpets

The Berber carpets coming from Morocco are made in the Moroccan Atlas. The Atlas is a mountain range in Northern Africa. It is scarcely populated and its economy relies on sheep rearing (sheep, ram..) and agriculture. The climate is very harsh. It is for that reason that the Moroccan carpet was made ! To protect themselves from the cold. Moroccan Berber tribes living in tents had to find a solution to protect themselves from the freezing cold. Nothing better than sheep wool : its fiber is solid and warm which makes it perfect for weaving. Depending on the sheep’s breed (Marmoucha, Beni Ahsen…)  , the Berber rug will be more or less shaggy, but always warm and soft.

The first Moroccan carpets were therefore used to insolate, on the walls. But it was also used as bedding for the whole family. That is why ancient carpets have an xxl size.

All kinds of patterns on my Berber rug

When creating the carpet, the Berber weaver from Morocco does not have a template. So she guides herself by her own thoughts and creativity. In order to pass on her thoughts, she uses symbols. We often find symbols of love, celebration and nature. They are represented under the following patterns : triangles, zigzags and lines.

Therefore, one will find diamond shapes more often on Beni Ouarain carpets, abstract shapes on Boucherouite carpets…

Each tribe passes on its story and beliefs on their carpets, via this symbolic writing. Therefore each carpet is unique.

A wonderful color scheme for my Moroccan carpet

In order to write a story on Moroccan carpets, they had to create colors to make sure all the symbols would come through. Even though they benefited from black wool thanks to the Marmoucha sheep (from their black heads), it was not enough. Even if some Moroccan carpets are solely white, ivory or beige, some Berber carpets are multicolored.

Actually, a lot of carpets coming from Morocco have bright colors. The colors blue, red or pink come from the wool tint. It is 100% natural on old and vintage carpets, but some colors may be chemical on the modern Berber carpets.

The natural dye is made out of natural materials, vegetable or mineral. Which means it comes both from plants and berries. As all colors can be found in nature, that is how one finds colors pink, green and violet… on your carpets.

Some colors, coming from plants that have since disappeared, do not exist anymore. You might find those specific colors on an ancient Moroccan carpet, which makes it a true work of art, part of the treasures of history.

Lets learn about the most famous Moroccan carpets

There are all kinds of Moroccan carpets. Each tribe has their own carpets with their specific style, story, ancestral art.

This is why has selected for your home 6 carpets, all representing the art of Moroccan rugs.

1- The Azizal tribe and the Azizal carpet

The Azizal tribe comes from the High Atlas. The Azizal carpet is fully handmade out of sheep natural wool. It is still possible to find them made out of coton, in particular for the creation of a pattern. Indeed, the women from the Azilal tribe can use pieces of fabric or colored cotton for their patterns. That explains why you can find multicolored Azilal carpets.

Regarding the patterns, it is mainly of abstract style. But you will also find some with the classical diamond shape.

The Azilal rug is a thin carpet, because it is made out of short wool. The Les Losanges boutique has all kinds of Azilal carpets in their online catalogue.

  • The small Azilal carpet : perfect when placed in the entrance of your house or in a small room,
  • the corridor Berber carpet : ideal in your corridor or in your kitchen,
  • the large Berber Azilal rug : it will definitely enlighten your lounge or office, and will perfectly adapt to your bohemian, vintage or modern style.

2- The Beni Ouarain tribe and the Beni Ouarain carpet

The Beni Ouarain tribe comes from the Middle Atlas. The Beni Ouarain carpet’s reputation comes from its very specific wool, from the Marmoucha sheep. The Marmoucha sheep is small, with little or no horns, with an ivory robe and a dark head, either black or brown. Hence, the main colors of this Berber carpet are white and black. The wool is thick, soft, and of high quality. The wool is thick and long. That is why those carpets are described as shaggy. The Beni Ouarain carpet is 100% pure wool.

Even if white and black are pretty common, you can still find Beni Ouarain rugs with pink, yellow or beige colors.

Regarding the pattern of your carpet, the most typical is the diamond shape, but you may also find triangles, lines or squares.

You will find, on the Les Losanges boutique or on their online shop, all sizes of Moroccan rugs :

  • The small Beni Ouarain carpet : ideal for small rooms
  • The corridor Beni Ouarain carpet : its narrow shape adapts perfectly to your corridor, ensuing a warm atmosphere
  • The large Beni Ouarain carpet : ideal under your coffee table in your lounge, with a couple of matching cushions, or in a bedroom
  • The very large Beni Ouarain carpet (xxl size), will definitely bring out your interior.

3 – The Boucherouite (or Boucharouette) tribe, and the Boucharouite carpet

The Boucherouite (also called Boucharouette) tribe comes from the Middle Atlas. The Boucherouite carpet is well known from the materials it is made out of. Indeed, they are made out of all sorts of fabrics and of cotton recycled materials.

Those materials will create a real patchwork. Your Boucharouette is therefore a very colored and jolly carpet.

You will find both geometrical or abstract patterns in its design.

You will find 3 different sizes in the Boucharouite rugs on the Les Losanges boutique online :

  • The small Boucharouette Berber rug : can be placed at the bottom of your bed
  • The Berber bouharouite middle sized carpet :  ideal in a bedroom or in your office at home ;
  • The large Berber Boucharouette carpet : ideal in your lounge, it will match all your cushions

4- The Kilim carpet

The Moroccan Kilim carpet, also called Hanbel rug, comes from the Rabat area, in the Middle Atlas. The “Kilim” name does not come from a tribe, but from a specific making technique. Indeed, the Kilim carpet is woven and embroidered instead of benign knotted, like the majority of Moroccan carpets.. The weaving of the wool, on level ground, will give your carpet the appearance of a tapestry. By this technique, your carpet will be less thick than traditional Moroccan carpets, but it may be used on both sides !

The Kilim carpet, coming from Morocco is mainly created with sheep wool, but you can also find cotton, goat or camel hair.

Regardings its colors, you may find it in all colors : red, pink, blue.. You can find one with any color really !

Regarding the patterns, even if the diamond shape and the triangle are both the main symbols, you will also find lines, zigzags and geometrical shapes..

There are 3 main periods in the Kilim carpets history : the ancient Kilim carpet (more than 90 years of age), the vintage Kilim (more than 30 years), and the modern Kilim carpet (less than 20 years).

You can find at the Berber rug in 3 different sizes:

  • The corridor Kilim carpet : adapts perfectly to a corridor, and why not a kitchen
  • The small Kilim carpet : perfect shape for a house entrance or a bedroom
  • The large Kilim carpet : ideal in front of your couch in your living room, under the dinner table, or in the house office. 

The Boujaad tribe, and the Boujaad carpet

The Boujaad (or Boujad) tribe lives in the Middle Atlas mountains, in Morocco. The Boujaad carpet is solely woven with wool. This natural fiber gives perfect softness and smoothness, both perfect for a carpet in your lounge.

It is mainly composed of warm colors like brown, red and orange. This tint is obtained with natural dye. The Boujaad carpet is therefore 100% natural.

On the carpets, is engraved the symbols of fertility, family life, and sometimes even a charm for protection !

You will find Boujad Berber carpets in our online catalog with the following sizes :

  • The narrow Boujaad rug : ideal in your corridor or in a kitchen,
  • the large Boujaad rug : under your dinner table, in your home office or even in a bedroom
  • the xxl Boujaad rug : unique piece that will definitely highlight your lounge. Why not just add some cushions or colored curtains, it will bring an oriental touch to the room.

6- the Mrirt (or M’rirt) carpet

The Mrirt carpet also comes from the Middle Atlas. But contrary to the other Berber carpets, it does not bear this name due to a nomadic tribe, it is the name of the town M’rirt that gives its name to the carpet, town located in the Khenifra province.

The very white and dense wool is quickly recognisable on a Mrirt carpet, also very soft and smooth. Moreover, the knots are double knots.

Even if the main color is white, some Mrirt carpets bear blue, pink, brown colors.. Indeed, there is no specific color attached to Mrirt carpets.

Les Losanges presents Mrirt carpets in the following sizes :

  • The small Mrirt rug : ideal in a little room, or in a bedroom
  • the corridor Mrirt rug: in a corridor or in a kitchen
  • The large Mrirt rug : will definitely find its place in your lounge.

Why choose Les Losanges

When purchasing your Moroccan carpet, whether it be Azilal, Boujaad or Kilim, at the Les Losanges boutique, you are insured to have a unique and authentic carpet. The carpets are made following a long tradition, by Berber women from nomadic tribes.

Les Losanges practice fair trade, that means the cost is also fair, both for the weavers, and for you. That is why at Les Losanges, you will find cheap Moroccan carpets, as we work directly with the weavers from each tribe, saving any additional costs.

So do not hesitate, choose your carpet and your size in our online website, order quickly and benefit from our free and speedy delivery (72h).