Choose your Berber carpet according to the rooms in the house!

If your search for Berber rugs is organized around a particular piece, you can use our classification to facilitate your navigation. Indeed, depending on the size, design or materials, some Moroccan rugs will be better suited to certain areas of the apartment or house that you want to decorate.

Berber carpet for the Livingroom

They are generally medium or large in size and will gladly slip under a pretty coffee table. Matched with Berber-style cushions, our selection of Berber living room rugs will either brighten up your room or, with a sleek design, give it an additional touch of modernity.


Berber carpet for a Room

You will find, in particular, thick Berber carpets, always made from natural wool. We have a very wide choice of rugs to equip a room, which allows you to really choose the patterns, colors and size that will suit your room!


Berber carpet for the Bathroom

They are composed of rectangular or square Berber carpets. This way, you can select the most suitable size and shape for your kitchen. You will also have the option of filtering between a cheap Berber rug or opting for larger models.

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