New or Vintage ?


Our selection of small berber carpet

The small Berber carpet is an object of interior decoration able to sublimate a room of life to him only. It has several assets: a harmonious color palette, varied designs and a wool with short hair or shaggy. The store Les Losanges proposes to you in its catalog on line a broad choice of Berber tribes in order to be able to discover various universes.

Hand woven by Moroccan women from the tribes of the Atlas, according to an ancestral know-how, the small multicolored or plain Berber carpet will sublimate your interior. Thanks to its small size, it will find its place anywhere in your home, whether you live in a studio or in a castle.

Where to put my small Moroccan carpet?

Whether you have a modern, bohemian chic or vintage style, your Berber carpet will find its place. For example, the small Azilal carpet, with its patchwork of colors, will brighten up your living room. The small Boucherouite rug, with its ultra-soft wool, will be perfect in a child’s room so that he can play. And the small Mrirt rug with its simple design will enhance your office.

What patterns can I find on small carpet berbere?

What appears to us as an aesthetic design is actually tribal writing. You will find different symbols such as diamonds, chevrons, zigzags or even triangles. Each shape means something special like fertility, family, protection… Each Moroccan carpet tells its story. All are unique and authentic.

But you will also find small monochrome rugs.

Many sizes available

For a good development of your Berber carpet, it is important to choose the right size.

That is why the store Les Losanges offers a wide range of sizes. By going of the average carpet, to the carpet of corridor, without forgetting the large berber carpet and the extra large carpet.