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Black and white Berber rug

The black and white Berber carpet is the most traditional, it brings out the dark patterns on a light background in a sleek and minimalist style.

What are the black and white Berber rugs?

First of all, remember that the pigmentation of a Berber carpet is made with 100% natural colors.
The black and white colors are obviously not apparent on all types of carpets, because each tribe has its own history and method of making.
Indeed, we often find this association of black and white color on Beni Ouarain rugs and Kilim rugs.
The color white is present on the entire surface of the carpet, while black is represented by patterns such as diamonds and other geometric shapes.
To choose your black and white Berber carpet, do not hesitate to consult our selection of 100% handcrafted Moroccan rugs.
And if you want to best present your black and white Berber carpet in your interior, here are some tips.

The black and white Berber carpet in your interior

The decoration in black and white shades is strongly represented in today’s interiors.
It indeed reflects a harmonious marriage of these two colors so different, but ultimately so complementary, provided you use them well.
White will bring light and clarity to your interior. As for black, it will contrast and bring character to your room.
Thus, opting for a black and white Berber carpet will serve to bring a unique touch to your interior design.
If you prefer a colorful Berber carpet, opt for red or blue, or even a lighter color like beige.
You will understand, the black and white Berber carpet will be perfectly suited to your interior if you do it right! Remember to balance the combination of these 2 colors!