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Our cheap berber rugs

The store Les Losanges works as a cooperative. Thanks to that, we can offer you a wide choice of cheap Berber carpets, at a fair price.

Specialized in the sale of Berber rug, all our carpets are unique and authentic. We suggest you to discover them on our online catalog or in our showroom in Biarritz.

A fair trade carpet

Each Moroccan rug is made by Berber weavers belonging to our cooperative. We have no intermediary. Thanks to this, we are able not only to offer you cheap Berber carpets, but also to pay a fair price for the work of our weavers, allowing them to live decently from their know-how.

The art of making your carpet is an ancestral art that is transmitted from woman to woman from generation to generation. The first carpets were designed by weavers from the tribes of the Moroccan Atlas. Having to face the harsh climatic conditions, and in order to protect themselves from the cold in their tents, it is quite natural that these large rectangular Berber carpets appeared. They were used as insulation, but also as a bed for the whole family.

A variety of patterns

All our carpets are entirely handmade; there is no predefined model. Also, if you wish a particular design or precise colors, we are able to make you a carpet berbere on measure.

Women weave their carpets by putting a little bit of themselves into it. Indeed, they deliver to you through the represented drawings, their beliefs, and their stories. Did you know that the patterns represent symbolic writing? Thus, you will regularly find rhombuses, lines, zigzags which are the interpretation of the family, the festival and fertility.

Each theme is more or less present according to the tribes. For example, you will regularly find the diamond symbol on your Beni Ouarain carpet, and more abstract motifs on your Boucherouite carpet.

Shimmering colors

The wool yarn in addition to having the qualities of being solid and silky has the huge advantage of being easily dyed. That’s why you won’t find only white Berber carpets. On the contrary, your cheap berber carpet has an incredible range of colors. They will be moreover 100% of natural origin on your old carpets.

The dye is obtained by natural materials of vegetable or mineral origin. It is thus nature which offers us its diversity of colors. You will find pink, red, yellow Berber carpets… with more or less bright tones. Unfortunately, some colors have disappeared over the generations. The disappearance of certain species of plants is the explanation. Luckily, it is still possible to see them on some old Berber carpets, which are therefore exceptional pieces.

Carpets for all your rooms

The store Les Losanges offers to you as well berberes carpets of living room, as carpets for your room (or those of your children) or still carpets of corridors.

Indeed, we propose various sizes to you in order to adapt as well as possible to your interior.

Thus, you will have large Berber rugs that will allow you to highlight your dining room table or that could be the centerpiece of your decoration in your living room. With our wide variety of colors and composition, no matter if your style is bohemian chic, vintage or modern, the berber carpet will fit perfectly by bringing a warm and oriental note.

We also offer medium or small Berber rugs, which will fit perfectly in an office or a room by giving a cocooning and joyful atmosphere thanks to its colorful patchwork and its cozy aspect.

And finally, you have the Berber carpet of corridor, which with its narrow dimension will decorate as well a corridor as your kitchen.

Divert the use of your carpet

Did you know that you can use your ethnic carpet in different ways?

You can certainly use it as a carpet, that is to say on the ground, but not only!

Indeed, in the Moroccan tradition, the carpet has several uses.

For example, the Kilim carpet which is woven and embroidered (and not knotted like a large majority of Moroccan carpets), has an aspect close to that of a tapestry. What could be more natural than to put it on the wall! An original decoration, which will surprise and enthuse your guests.

You can also divert your Boucherouite carpet by transforming it into a bedspread or a blanket, warmth and softness guaranteed!

An easy maintenance

To take good care of your Berber carpet, nothing could be easier.

You just have to vacuum gently once or twice a week. Thus you will remove crumbs and dust.

And if by accident you spill your coffee on your beige carpet, here are 3 different tips to remove it:

1 – Marseille soap.

Sponge your stain, then gently and evenly pass the soap over it.

2 – White vinegar and warm water

Mix a glass of white vinegar with a tablespoon of warm water, then gently clean the stain with it.

3 – Baking soda and soda water

Gently scrub with soda water and then 30 minutes later, sprinkle with baking soda. Vacuum gently once the powder is dry.

Please note that we do not recommend the use of detergents. If in doubt or if the stain is stubborn, do not hesitate to leave your carpet to a specialist.

A secure online purchase

When you fill your shopping cart on our online store with your M’rirt, Kilim or Azilal carpet, you can then pay with peace of mind because we have a fully secure payment. This is done via the platforms of our specialized partners Stripe and PayPal.  Your credit card number is not recorded and the transaction is encrypted and secure.

We also offer you the possibility to pay in 3 installments so that you can spread out your monthly payments if you wish.

And our little welcome bonus is the free delivery anywhere in the world and within 72 hours maximum.