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Rectangle Berber carpet : our selection

The rectangle Berber carpet is made by women from different tribes of the Moroccan Atlas. Entirely woven by hand according to an ancestral art, the threads come to life under their fingers and tell us a story.

The harsh climatic conditions of the Moroccan Atlas are at the origin of the creation of the Berber carpet.  Indeed, its first use was to serve as insulation and sleeping in tents to protect from the cold.

A patchwork of colors

The Moroccan carpet is known for its bright colors. Also you will easily find wool beige Berber rugs, multicolored or blue. These dyes are obtained from natural materials of vegetable or mineral origin. Some colors, due to the disappearance of certain species of plants, no longer exist. However, you can find them in some traditional berber carpets.

In the same way, it is quite possible to find wool Berber carpets in a neutral tone. The store Les Losanges offers you a broad range of cheap berbere rugs on its catalog on line.

Drawings referring to the tribal beliefs

The weaver of the handmade Berber carpet does not have a model. She creates according to what she wants to transmit. For this, she will use symbols. You will regularly find lozenges, chevrons or lines that represent love, fertility, celebration.

Each tribe has its history and its beliefs. Thus we regularly find the diamond pattern in the Boucherouite carpets, and abstract patterns in the Boujad rugs.

Varied compositions

There is a wide variety of materials in the manufacture of multicolored Berber carpets. The store Les Losanges has selected for you on its online catalog of thick Berber carpets, cotton, long hair and wool.